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 Interface: 2 x screw terminal for Power in (12 – 22 AWG)
4 x screw terminal for LED fixture output (12 – 22 AWG)
3 x screw terminal for DMX in (12 – 22 AWG)
3 x screw terminal for DMX out (12 – 22 AWG)

General: USITT-DMX512-A DMX protocol standard
DMX PWM frequency – 200Hz
Maximum 5A per channel, with a maximum of
15A for the whole driver Wide input voltage range,
- 6Vdc to 30Vdc (Model: DMX-450W-VPMD)
- 6Vdc to 48Vdc (Model: DMX-720W-VPMD-HV)
Allow up to 120 drivers to be connected in one single DMX line
Operating temperature range from 0°C to 50°C,
with a maximum temperature of 65°C

Power Dissipation 0.05 watt (idle) – no load
@ 25°C (loss): 1 watt (typical) – typical façade load
3.6 watt (max) – full load